Friday, September 26, 2014

September 29th –October 6th Visual Resources Exhibit Vitrine
NSCAD Library 5163 Duke Street Halifax, B3J 3J6

Artists Book                                                                            Curator

Coloured People Ed Ruscha                                                   Chosen by David Constable

House Les Levine                                                                   Chosen by Jessy Watson

Joseph Beuys  Joseph Beuys                                                  Chosen by Laurel Wagner

Short Stories Robert Rauschenberg                                       Chosen by Aiden Holmans
100,000 Minutes James Lee Byars                                        Chosen by Jacob Irish

I’m Thinking of a Number Micah Lexier                               Chosen by Julie Hall

Displacement Lawrence Weiner                                           Chosen by Julie Hall

Worldline 1969-71 William Vazan                                        Chosen by Matt Harrison

Variable Piece 4: Secrets Douglas Huebler                           Chosen by Jack Wong

Eating Through Living  Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin         Chosen by Cortney Foster

Foolscrap  Telfer Stokes                                                       Chosen by Abby Bent

Standarts , A. Penck                                                               Chosen by Ali O’Sullivan

Tagliches Kleinzeug    Arnulf Raigner                                   Chosen by Brandon Hollohan

Azonic I & II Bill Mitchell                                                       Chosen by Bruce Barber

Una ragnatela seguito da Avec                                              Chosen by Maeghan Banks
 l’Arcature Ie avec l’Arcature II Daniel Buren

Thanks to Rebecca Young, Librarian and Mollie Thompson Visual Resources Collection                                              

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