Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Khyber VJ's for Nocturne Saturday October 18th

Printed Matter Class Update

Hey folks. A Printed Matter recap :
  • 2x one-page works for collective book due October 21
  • moleskine notebooks due October 21
  • begin to think about a proposal for your independent project, to be discussed on October 21
  • next week we'll meet in Academy #208 @ 1pm
  • please go to the Khyber on Saturday October 18 to become a member for $5 (= sweet deal)
  • submit a bookwork of your choice to the Member's Selection Library at the Khyber by Wednesday November 12
  • fun fact : there's a free photocopier at the Anchor Zine Library. You can even bring your own fancy paper and go nuts
See you next week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

pecha kucha tuesday

Hi everyone, Maeghan here. Just a reminder that we'll be doing the pecha kucha slideshow in class on Tuesday, so if you haven't sent me your images yet, please do so by tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

September 29th –October 6th Visual Resources Exhibit Vitrine
NSCAD Library 5163 Duke Street Halifax, B3J 3J6

Artists Book                                                                            Curator

Coloured People Ed Ruscha                                                   Chosen by David Constable

House Les Levine                                                                   Chosen by Jessy Watson

Joseph Beuys  Joseph Beuys                                                  Chosen by Laurel Wagner

Short Stories Robert Rauschenberg                                       Chosen by Aiden Holmans
100,000 Minutes James Lee Byars                                        Chosen by Jacob Irish

I’m Thinking of a Number Micah Lexier                               Chosen by Julie Hall

Displacement Lawrence Weiner                                           Chosen by Julie Hall

Worldline 1969-71 William Vazan                                        Chosen by Matt Harrison

Variable Piece 4: Secrets Douglas Huebler                           Chosen by Jack Wong

Eating Through Living  Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin         Chosen by Cortney Foster

Foolscrap  Telfer Stokes                                                       Chosen by Abby Bent

Standarts , A. Penck                                                               Chosen by Ali O’Sullivan

Tagliches Kleinzeug    Arnulf Raigner                                   Chosen by Brandon Hollohan

Azonic I & II Bill Mitchell                                                       Chosen by Bruce Barber

Una ragnatela seguito da Avec                                              Chosen by Maeghan Banks
 l’Arcature Ie avec l’Arcature II Daniel Buren

Thanks to Rebecca Young, Librarian and Mollie Thompson Visual Resources Collection                                              

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One character in search of an author

"How to Look at an Artist"
A printed matter work published in PM magazine by
Ad Reinhardt.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Alexander Rodchenko

Printed Matter Artist of the week

(b St Petersburg, 23 Nov 1891; d Moscow, 3 Dec 1956). 

Russian painter, sculptor, designer and photographer. He was a central exponent of Russian Constructivism, owing much to the pre-Revolutionary work of Malevich and Tatlin, and he was closely involved in the cultural debates and experiments that followed the Revolution of 1917. In 1921 he denounced, on ideological grounds, easel painting and fine art, and he became an exponent of Productivism (CONSTRUCTIVISM) in many fields, including poster design, furniture, photography and film. He resumed painting in his later years. His work was characterized by the systematic way in which from 1916 he sought to reject the conventional roles of self-expression, personal handling of the medium and tasteful or aesthetic predilections. His early nihilism and condemnation of the concept of art make it problematic even to refer to Rodchenko as an artist: in this respect his development was comparable to that of Dada, although it also had roots in the anarchic activities of Russian Futurist groups

14 authors in search of a character

This week we will invite the rest of the class to become authors of this blog!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Our Printed Matter artist for the week is John Heartfield


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Book Camp Video Three: Making a book with BookSmart | Blurb Canada

Book Camp Video Three: Making a book with BookSmart | Blurb Canada


If you are having difficulty thinking of how to begin your first project for the Printed Matter Class here are some suggestions for page works that you may submit to the group publishing project:
1) Mind over matter
2) Seeing is believing
3) Personal structure
4) Space, time and matter
5) A visual paradox
6) Whatever….
A Printed Matter work by Newfoundland artist Matthew Hollett with text suggested by Bruce Barber

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Enjoying the first Printed Matter class with many students.  Soon to break up before our meeting in the Visual Resources Library

Friday, September 5, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014


Project 1
5-10 page works suitable for reproduction in a limited edition Printed Matter Class book, journal or magazine.  This may be published through an online publisher such as Blurb http://www.blurb.ca and many be exchanged with a West Coast printed matter Group at UBC a class taught by Garry Neil Kennedy and Cathy Busby.

Project 2 (n.b any one of the following)
a) A ‘zine’ (5 copies minimum) or a unique or limited edition artists book (30 pages max)
b) This may take any form or process related to Printed Matter:  Postcards, poster, announcement card, video, audio or DVD package promotion brochure or business card.
You may use on line or other DIY resources according to your skill set to produce these works.

Independent Projects (2 – 3 projects
An independent printed matter assignment (approved in consultation with the instructor).

Students will maintain a journal or workshop folder and present it with their final other work for evaluation and discussion with the instructor. Students will receive a Printed Matter Cap and may join the Facebook group Language into Art https://www.facebook.com/groups/197813450347877/ or perhaps a soon to be formed Printed Matter closed group from which we could make a Facebook book.

Course text on Library Reserve: Artists Books: A Critical Anthology and Source Book:
Edited by Joan Lyons, Peregrine Smith Books Visual Studies workshop NY.

Useful Printed Matter Websites
Printed Matter NYC https://printedmatter.org


NSCAD University
Media Arts Division
Introductory Printed Matter MDIA 2100 (3 Credits S.)
Instructor Bruce Barber bbarber@nscad.ca Office Phone # 902 494-2981
T.A.  Meaghan Banks
Tuesdays: 1.00pm-5.00pm
Venue: D500 Boardroom and other venues as required.

Printed Matter NYC Interior
Calendar Description:
The student will engage in a series of short projects that reflect the range of both avant-garde and popular production of unlimited edition works. These projects will introduce the student historically and practically to serial and narrative constructs and documentary image text formats, the artists’ book-as-object, “mail art” (postcards, broadsides), DIY and independent web publishing. A seminar component each week will discuss historical precedents for these activities as art.

Print, n. an impression; a mold or stamp; a mounded pat of butter; exactitude of plaiting, crimping, or setting, printed state; printed characters or lettering; an edition; a printed picture, a newspaper, a positive from a negative, a printed cloth; a plaster cast in low relief.

Print, v.t. To press in to impress, to mark by pressure, to impress on paper by means of type, plate or blocks; to produce or reproduce by such means; to cause to be printed; to produce from a positive to a negative, or from negative to a positive (photo)

Print, v.i. to practice the art of printing, to publish a book; to yield and impression, or give a positive etc.

Matter, n. that which occupies space and with which we become acquainted by our bodily senses; that out of which anything is made; material; subject of material or thought, speech, writing, dispute etc.
Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary

Printed Matter the title of this Intermedia course represents both more and less than the sum of its parts. The history of the avant-garde in which printed matter reveals its signal forms has revealed an emphasis upon the interrelationships between the rival arts: visual art, literature, poetry, theatre, music, dance and film; and within visual art the competition between painting, printmaking, photography and design. The locus of this emphasis has often coalesced around the antagonistic relationship between word and image and the reproducibility of the work of art as an implied route toward increased social and political efficacy.

This course will encourage students to explore some of these ideas -- interrelationships – through their independent and assigned projects in printed matter, lectures, readings and discussion