Monday, September 1, 2014


Project 1
5-10 page works suitable for reproduction in a limited edition Printed Matter Class book, journal or magazine.  This may be published through an online publisher such as Blurb and many be exchanged with a West Coast printed matter Group at UBC a class taught by Garry Neil Kennedy and Cathy Busby.

Project 2 (n.b any one of the following)
a) A ‘zine’ (5 copies minimum) or a unique or limited edition artists book (30 pages max)
b) This may take any form or process related to Printed Matter:  Postcards, poster, announcement card, video, audio or DVD package promotion brochure or business card.
You may use on line or other DIY resources according to your skill set to produce these works.

Independent Projects (2 – 3 projects
An independent printed matter assignment (approved in consultation with the instructor).

Students will maintain a journal or workshop folder and present it with their final other work for evaluation and discussion with the instructor. Students will receive a Printed Matter Cap and may join the Facebook group Language into Art or perhaps a soon to be formed Printed Matter closed group from which we could make a Facebook book.

Course text on Library Reserve: Artists Books: A Critical Anthology and Source Book:
Edited by Joan Lyons, Peregrine Smith Books Visual Studies workshop NY.

Useful Printed Matter Websites
Printed Matter NYC

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