Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Khyber VJ's for Nocturne Saturday October 18th

Printed Matter Class Update

Hey folks. A Printed Matter recap :
  • 2x one-page works for collective book due October 21
  • moleskine notebooks due October 21
  • begin to think about a proposal for your independent project, to be discussed on October 21
  • next week we'll meet in Academy #208 @ 1pm
  • please go to the Khyber on Saturday October 18 to become a member for $5 (= sweet deal)
  • submit a bookwork of your choice to the Member's Selection Library at the Khyber by Wednesday November 12
  • fun fact : there's a free photocopier at the Anchor Zine Library. You can even bring your own fancy paper and go nuts
See you next week!